It’s the ultimate European adventure! Travel across Europe as you immerse yourself in many cultures along the way. You’ll drink champagne in the Champagne region of France, have a beer in Munich, eat some fondue in Switzerland, and snack on chocolate in Belgium. Enjoy the best of what each culture has to offer along the way. Your journey takes you across five countries, a dozen cities, and countless moments as you leave your friends waiting online to like your updates and live vicariously through your European travels. It’s a whirlwind of planes, trains, and automobiles, but the memories will last a lifetime!


    • Roundtrip airfare for two in economy class
    • 11 days/ 10 nights throughout Europe
    • Ground transportation for the entirety of your experience
    • Private driver taking you everywhere
    • Dedicated concierge doing all the thinking for you
    • Culturally immersive activities in each country
    • All meals provided
    • Eat authentic meals in each city
    • Private tours in each city 
    • Drive a supercar on the Autobahn in Germany
    • Drink beer in Munich
    • Sip champagne in France
    • Check out the Moulin Rouge in Paris
    • Ride your bike along the canals in Amsterdam
    • Spend time with a chocolatier in Brussels
    • Sip rosé on a Lac Léman boat tour in Geneva