Located between the Greek and Anatolian peninsulas, the Aegean Sea is truly one of the world’s most beautiful and legendary destinations. And her beauty has outlasted many wars while delivering the unique culture from the Greek civilization around the world.

Greek mythology has been entwined with everyday life here long before esteemed scholars such as Homer and Hesiod began their famous written scriptures. The islands of the Aegean inspired many a tale about Greek Gods, Medusa Heads, and the mighty half bull Minotaurs. Even to this day you will find a special place for these ancient stories with the inhabitants of the islands.

And there are islands, over 150 inhabited by most counts. With each one having its own special history, culture, and natural beauty, you can only imagine the diversity that is waiting to be discovered. Luckily you are in the enviable position to cherry pick the islands that are closest to your heart.

An Aegean Voyage Like No Other

Island hopping on your own private yacht and being in complete control of going wherever you want is usually something only a privileged few can afford. But you won the lottery! You are now in this exclusive club and have a beautiful boat with a captain and crew to take you around on a route of your own choosing. To coin a well-known phrase, the world is your oyster, or at least the Aegean sea is!

At your fingertips will be a full sailing crew including an onboard chef to prepare your meals and even a cocktail or three when needed. A personal concierge team arranges all transport in and out of the country and helps liaise all of your needs while on water.

For the duration of the trip the boat is your luxurious floating home. From helping to navigate hand-selected destinations to taking in a magnificent sunset on a sundrenched deck: you call all the shots on this voyage of a lifetime.

Enchanted Shorelines and Vibrant Ports

Being able to set sail in any direction you want allows you to decide exactly which islands you want to discover, setting the pace for the adventures that follow. One day you may decide to up anchor and head for a more vibrant port town, to enjoy the hustle and bustle for an afternoon of shopping locally-produced artisanal products. Whereas the next day you sail off to a more sleepy millennia-old fishing village. This is where you can witness a different way of life that hasn’t changed much since Jason and his Argonauts were supposedly avoiding the Harpies.

But as this is your trip, don’t forget to let the captain know you would like to take the route less traveled and discover some of the numerous deserted beaches along these enchanted island shorelines. Your boat will glide through the clear coastal waters and find the perfect spot for you to bask in the splendor of your own mythical playground.

Islands of Note

Some of the Greek islands are more well-known than others, such as Naxos. Known for its fertile shoreline landscapes, Naxos offers amazing views from the deck as your boat comes in to berth at the main town on the island. Often called Hora, this is an ancient trading port where you will find medieval venetian mansions among white washed buildings. Adding to the feeling of being somewhere from antiquity is the bustling market where your chef might stock up on freshly caught seafood or other local culinary delicacies, before heading out to sea again.

There are of course the wildly popular and photogenic islands such as Santorini, whose two main towns of Fira and Oia were built clinging to the cliffs of an underwater caldera. These spectacular whitewashed buildings are fun to explore through the steep narrow alleyways which criss cross the towns, and those popular images of their cliffside beauty showcases the beauty of the island.

For more natural beauty you could then sail over to Paros; whose northern coastline has naturally sculpted rock formations that make for perfectly secluded swimming coves. Setting anchor in at least one of these is a must for an afternoon of guaranteed bliss.

However, if you are more inclined to letting your hair down for a night of pure partying, you may decide to visit Mykonos, which never sleeps in the long summer months. Your choices are truly limitless here in the Aegean when you travel in the manner that you should: elegance, style, and like a true rock star!