There is only one big game. Everyone knows exactly when and where it is happening. The lucky ones travel to the host city and soak up some of the party atmosphere. Luckier still are the ones who manage to get a ticket and actually attend American football’s yearly grand finale.

But why just be a lucky one who is content watching the biggest sporting event of the year, when you can become a VIP insider instead? As a VIP you join the ranks of the big game’s most exclusive entourage. This is where you informally rub shoulders with the elite of the football world, while enjoying other privileges even some hall of famers would be envious of.

Big Decisions Need a Plan

Like any head coach you will need to make some hard decisions, and your first could be the toughest of all: choosing one of the four upcoming host cities for your championship experience. Once this difficult selection has been made, everything else is arranged for you by your personal concierge team. All you need to do is mark the date on your calendar and begin the countdown.

When the clock finally reaches zero, it’s time to kick off a weekend packed full of football activities most normal fans can only dream about. For the next 4 days and 3 nights you are going to be fully immersed, both physically and mentally, in the world of professional football at its highest level.

By the time your private driver has delivered you to your luxury accommodations you are already getting into game mode. But there is no time to spare; the pre-game activities are about to take you up a level, or three!

Pre-Game Warm Ups

Ask any athlete and you will get the same answer: there is no better way to prepare for the main event than with a thorough warm up. Your warm up activities are nothing less than spectacular, with events arranged to hang out with past football legends and meet current players. The intimate welcome lunch you attend with these players allows you to truly understand the magnitude of what this weekend means to the professional football players.

Night time brings dinners and VIP passes to the pregame party, where you’ll be mingling with all kinds of celebrities who are there for the same reason as you: to enjoy and be a part of something that only those on the inside can experience. Right now you really are one of the select few with this close ‘friends and family’ style access that allows such intimate moments of excitement in the big game build up.

It’s Game Time!

However exciting your pregame adventures where, that excitement has just shot through the roof. Nothing in the world can come close to the euphoria of being a VIP insider at game time. Just like the players about to do battle on the pitch, you have long been preparing for this moment. Adrenaline levels have spiked as you take your player-preferred seats surrounded by their families, friends, and peers.

But don’t forget the halftime show! Being in such exclusive seating also means you get a birds eye view of a show that is the talking point for days to come. This really is the stuff dreams are made of, and you still have the last half of the game to come! When the clock runs out on the game, you deserve just as much congratulations as the victorious team. You are part of football history, and can forever tell anyone within ear shot that you were there!

Memories for Everyone

There is no doubt that the memories of this event will be seared in your head forever. But how are you going to convey the magnitude of everything you did when back home? We have that covered for you too. Your concierge team will organize a personal photo and video team to capture all of your activities. Official and exclusive memorabilia will also be provided, along with the chance to get it all autographed by the many legends and players you interact with during the incredible experience. Nothing is forgotten and you get to return home as a true champion of the big game weekend!