Sometimes referred to as the ‘Mother Continent’, the vast lands of Africa are believed to be Earth’s oldest inhabited. Some say humans and their ancestors have been part of life on the continent for over 5 million years. This deep relationship has helped shape Africa into a land abundantly diverse in both natural and cultural treasures.

One of these gems is your destination, Kenya. Located in East Africa it is home to the Great Rift Valley, one of the true natural wonders of our planet. Running from north to south this intra-continental ridge system contains volcanic highlands with rolling hills and savannas that have enriched ancient Kenyan lands with an abundance of animal life for millennia.

Home to one of the last great mammal migrations known, this part of the world really does have a higher calling with nature. On top of the awe-inspiring list is the annual wildebeest migration. Kenya is also home to the famous Big Five game animals, comprising of lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and cape buffalos, all of which you will have the opportunity to encounter face to face.

But make no mistake, these interactions would not be possible without the concentrated and prolonged conservation efforts that have been nurtured and grown within Kenya over the previous decades. This is still ground zero for African conservation and you will be given the most heartfelt and gracious of welcomes from all when you arrive to pitch in.

Let the Adventuring Begin

Your Kenyan adventure is all about making a difference and to learn how conservationists go about their days to protect the land, animals, and indigenous people of Kenya. Having made the decision to venture out to Africa, you would not expect anything less. But the difference with this trip is that your involvement is at a level that exceeds even the wildest of imaginations.

Here is a sample of your itinerary. One day you are feeding orphaned elephants all morning before walking down an old animal track to a small flattened opening in the bush. Your bush plane flies you low across the African plains that very same afternoon. Upon landing you rendezvous with an anti-poaching K9 team and are immediately lending your brains to aid in the constant battle of wits with rhino poachers. Next you assist the conservationists who are out here in the wilds 24/7 giving their all, not only for the animals but also for the local populations who are a pivotal part in the success or failure of each project undertaken. Not a bad way to spend the day protecting Earth!

Making A Difference

As you make your way around the country via air and 4×4 you are not only taking part in a number of programs for animals but also for these local communities. One group looking forward to meeting you are the Samburu, a loose knit group of semi-nomadic pastoralists, who have learned to coexist their cattle with nature for many years.

Immersing yourself into the customs of these local tribes is truly a source of inspiration. Sharing traditional meals, stories, and camping out in some of the greatest landscapes of the planet leaves a lasting effect that is hard to explain to others.

But you won’t just be connecting on a personal or spiritual level and then suddenly leaving. Your visit is meant to make a real difference to the people you connect with, and you are going to leave something meaningful behind with them: fence building, water management, and protecting livestock are all daily duties that you will participate in and help complete.

Recuperation Kenyan Style

Make no mistake, your days spent adventuring around Kenya are jam packed with important conservation efforts. Luckily there are certain perks that help you to save your energies for the parts most important to you. From the time you leave home until you arrive back, you are under the care of an expert concierge team who arrange everything and anything on your behalf. Your team is constantly liaising with expert local guides in the field, covering areas such as bush transportation, safari tracking, and living comfortably under the fabled African night sky.

Even with expert help you are bound to start to feel things catching up with you towards the end of such a frenetic and adrenaline filled week. Never fear! Resort amenities and full spa services will be on hand towards the end of the trip to help recharge your body from its African adventures. Sit back and thoroughly soak in the magnitude of what you have accomplished in the mother of all continents.