So, you want to learn or improve upon your surfing skills? You also want to have an out-of-this world beach holiday in a first-class location? You will be needing somewhere special that can offer both. How does luxury beachside living right in the middle of the one true mecca of surfing sound? Gnarly? This is exactly what you will experience!

Sitting all alone in the middle of the mighty Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands are revered among the world’s surfing community because location means everything for surfing. Surrounded by thousands of uninterrupted nautical miles in all directions, you are guaranteed some of the best waves in the world.

The renowned North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu is truly one of surfing’s most legendary spots. In the winter, when the waves are thundering in at their peak, it is host to the most important competitions on the professional surfing calendars.

Your opportunity to take on the best surf in the world begins when you arrive at your beachside home away from home. The VIP treatment is already in full effect with a personal concierge seamlessly facilitating your journey.  As you settle into your very own piece of North Shore paradise, your attendant remains on call throughout your stay to keep you focused on hanging ten with the pros!

Learning Surf Secrets from the Pros

Whether you have surfed before or not, paddling a board out into these hallowed waters puts you in esteemed company. Professional surfers begin by assessing your level and then give you a masterclass in surfing at its finest. From learning the basics to honing your craft, these pros will elevate your skills and teach you the tricks that amateurs can only dream about.

Most surfers would consider it extremely lucky to get even an afternoon to rub shoulders and learn with the crème de la crème of the surfing community. You, on the other hand, will be taught one-on-one for as long as you want. This is no ordinary surfing trip; you are on a rite of passage filled with accomplishments and friendships that will last forever.

Connect with Your Surfboard and the Ocean

As the camaraderie within your new pro surfing circles grows, you will no doubt learn that any real surfer has a truly personal connection to their board. So why not go to the very source and participate in the construction of a brand new board that you can call your own? Making a rare exception, an artisanal board maker will allow you to help shape and style a one of a kind surfboard. Once finished to the highest of North Shore standards, the board will be passed into your care, ready to be taken out into the sea before the end of your stay.

Of course, when you need to take a break from surfing but want to continue taking advantage of your close proximity to the ocean, fear not, for you have options! Excursions such as diving, fishing, jet skiing, or parasailing along the coast are all available with just one word to your waiting concierge.

Honor Yourself in the Most Hawaiian of Ways

Spending all day around the sea, especially when surfing, takes commitment and concentration. Luckily, Hawaiians worked this out centuries ago and perfected the art of throwing a party to unwind. In the most traditional of forms these parties are known as luaus. Everyone knows how these traditional Hawaiian party feasts look: whole Kālua pigs, poke, and delicious lomi lomi salmon, not to mention beer, music, and of course, hula. Always enough food, music, and fun for everyone! But this isn’t just any old luau gathering, this luau is being held to honor someone very special. You! That’s right, you are going to have the grandest of luaus in honor of yourself and your escapades on the island.

Of course, sometimes at the end of the day you may just want to lie back and relax on the beach, or even skip a surf lesson or two! Who wouldn’t when there is the chance to enjoy some freshly caught seafood or a handcrafted cocktail or two. Maybe you feel like loosening up those surfing muscles with a local style Lomi Lomi massage right there on the sand.

From surf activities to eating and everything in between, your VIP concierge organizes on your behalf so you don’t have to do anything but relax and have fun. A successful time on the North Shore includes making lifelong memories during your adventure living life like a professional surfer in Hawaii. Aloha!