There are few truly wild and rugged frontiers left in the world today. Canada’s northeastern coastline within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is still very much one of these. With the fierce northern Atlantic Ocean and weather often unleashed from the Arctic Circle, it is truly a place to bask in mother nature’s raw power and stark beauty.

The wild islands along this captivating coastline bear some of the first names given in the Americas by European explorers of old. Fogo Island is no exception, having been named as an important feature on the Bertius map way back in 1606. Despite modern amenities meant to relax and reinvigorate you, Fogo Island is relatively untouched as a small fishing outpost hanging on the edge of the continent.

Intrigued? You should be. Daily adventures await the intrepid, but only once you have completed an expeditionary-like arrival via helicopter from the mainland.

Fogo Island Inn, an Inn Unlike any Other

Arriving on this faraway island allows you to discover one of the most spectacular and surprisingly-located destination hotels in the world. It also becomes your home for the entirety of your trip: Fogo Island Inn.

Nestled among an environment as diverse and wild as Fogo’s, the Inn stands out as a modern day marvel showing how inventive human design can be when working in tandem with nature. Once you cross over the threshold you are enveloped into a warm, welcoming atmosphere where every amenity you could ever imagine is offered in a way that seamlessly blends in with the majestic natural surroundings.

Bestowed numerous awards from all over the world by luminaries such as Forbes and National Geographic, this is a place where one can never get bored, no matter what you want to do. Not only do you have the full attention of its experienced Innkeepers, but you also get your own exclusive VIP concierge who will help facilitate all of your needs from the moment you leave home until you arrive back.

Indulgence in the Most Unlikeliest of Settings

You could be excused for feeling a little tired after adventuring way up into the far corner of Canada. Luckily you are in the right place to recharge mind, body, and spirit. The very design of the Inn was meant to help channel the raw, untapped energy of the northern Atlantic into everyone who comes to stay.

Within the Inn itself you have access to all of its expertly-curated amenities such as the library, cinema, and art gallery. But this is just the beginning, as you head on up to the rooftop and use one of the contemporary Northern-European designed saunas. The saunas and additional outdoor hot tubs, which offer stunning land and sea panoramas, take relaxation to the next level.

Food is very important at the Fogo Island Inn and follows the seasons closely. Being surrounded with an abundance of natural resources in their purest forms, every meal enjoyed here is a gourmet masterclass of cooking with local ingredients. An executive chef changes the menu daily depending on what ingredients are available from local fishermen, farmers, foragers, and hunters. Each meal is combined with an expert wine pairing made especially for you by the in-house sommelier.

Activities by the Season. All 7 of Them.

Locals have long claimed there are 17 seasons on the isle, but this was scaled back to a mere seven once contact with the mainland picked up. These extra seasons, such as the pack ice or berry seasons are named for events that have a large impact on local life and also determine which activities are available for your stay.

Locally-guided nature and geology themed hikes offer the perfect way to strengthen your connection with Fogo. If animals are more your thing then perhaps it is time to get out onto the ocean for a whale-watching or seal-spotting expedition. Those who prefer being on more solid ground might be more inclined to track caribou.

Depending on which season you are enjoying, there are many more activity choices to be made, such as rowing trips, bike tours and even boat-making classes. The level of participation is set by you and no one else.

The only thing that is certain is the inevitability that you have to head back to reality eventually. As you reenter your day-to-day life, your memories of visiting the northern frontier will keep you going, just as the yearning to return to the wild frontier will remain with you forever.