A Chic Gem in the Southern Hemisphere

Ask anyone from South America about the Andean mountain range and you’ll learn just how much it is revered. Often referred to as the backbone of an entire continent, the world’s longest mountain range has spawned much of the extraordinary biodiversity that South America is so famous for. 

Within Argentina’s wine growing Cuyo region this is especially true, with the soul of the Andes running deep within the local foothills. To get here is just the beginning of your adventure of a lifetime. You have to travel way down south, towards the end of the world, in order to discover this hidden gem. Once you arrive, fine wines and luxury come hand in hand, not to mention a sublime chicness factor that is off the charts. How do you ever leave? 

Your gateway into this exciting realm is Mendoza, a charming city of wide, leafy streets and art deco buildings jam-packed with locally owned bodegas, or wine houses. The bodegas offer various styles of tastings, tours and many superb wine bottles that suit all tastes. 

Someone in a movie once said, “You’ve come this far, maybe you will come just a little further”. This couldn’t be more true of Mendoza: if you spend an extra 30 minutes heading south you won’t look back, not even once, unless it is to confirm you are not dreaming. Nestled comfortably among the beginning hills of the Andes is one of the unspoken jewels in Argentina’s hospitality crown: the Cavas Wine Lodge. 

Subtle Exclusivity in the Andean Foothills

As soon as you cross over Cavas’s award winning threshold you know you have arrived somewhere special. The pristine natural beauty and marvelous vineyards surrounding you during the drive in heighten your levels of anticipation, but Cavas Wine Lodge sends those levels into orbit.

A seamless check in with all the assistance you desire introduces the exclusive concierge treatment you’ll encounter while staying here. Everything you desire to do on your Southern Hemisphere adventure is tailored to suit your personal specifications, so that you can focus on the important things such as indulging yourself to the fullest. 

Upon arrival, you decide it’s the perfect time to make use of the luxury spa amenities to help soak, scrub, and massage your travel weariness away. Pampering oneself here comes with many choices: one might begin by inhaling the aromatic scent of a Thai herbal remedy massage while your body receives the touch of a skilled masseuse. Close your eyes and dream as they redirect the Sen Sib, or life energy, flowing around your body for maximum rejuvenation and relaxation.

Once your body feels recharged a decision does have to be made as to what is next? There are many more privileges available to you at the spa, including Cavas’s vast range of facial and body treatments. What about soaking in the handcrafted organic herbal and essential oil treatments that infuse with the warm water of their antique baths? There really is a personalized treatment for everyone; it just might take some time to find your favorite one. 

Adventures in Food, Wine, and Nature

The surroundings of the lodge cannot be overstated, and for the duration of your stay they are your outside playground. Being in the presence of the mighty Andes delivers activity choices that would make even the most dedicated outdoorsy types jealous. All within a short chauffeured drive from the estate, there are gravity-defying ziplines and dramatic white water rafting excursions if you are so inclined. Perhaps you prefer to keep your legs drier and closer to the ground, in which case an invigorating bike ride along mountainous trails might be your speed. 

Panoramas of the snow-capped peaks are ever-present and there is nothing like taking that first taste of an exquisite, locally grown wine while enjoying such a view. The lodge itself is surrounded by over 25 of the best vineyards and boutique winemakers in the region. But with over 900 wineries around Mendoza, you do not have to limit yourself with these local recommendations – intimate wine safaris lead you to wherever you desire. 

Immersing yourself in so many differing activities is an extremely hungry business. Luckily the Cavas Wine Lodge’s very own restaurant is at the top of its game when it comes to producing first class cuisine and service. With seasonal changes and a dinner menu that the chef plans on the very same day, you cannot find a fresher or more delicious option for miles around. 

A Place You Never Leave

This really is the answer to the question you have no doubt asked yourself many times during your stay: you never truly leave. Physically the time will come to head back into the real world but there is always some part of you left behind. In years to come the secret will get out and more and more people will travel the path south to this special wine region, but by then the unspoiled chicness of it all may just have disappeared.  Still that tiny part of you that remained keeps burning as bright as ever.