The Musical Solstice Awaits You

Pampering and attention to detail is the soundtrack to your experience. From multiple spa treatments to sublime food options, you have all the amenities you could ever dream of available to you and personally managed by your very own concierge. This means you never have to worry about how you will get to wherever you want to go. From private drivers to exclusive access, you will be taken care of in style, making you the envy of the festival. 

The only difficulty you may encounter is when you try to decide which performances to attend. With nearly 150 acts of various genres and nationalities performing over four of the longest days possible, it truly will be hard to decide. Are you up for the challenge? Recent big-ticket performers have included the likes of Robert Plant, Black Eyed Peas, and The Prodigy to name but a few from a list of music legends that keeps growing year-by-year. 

Are you looking for something a little more intimate and away from the crowds? There are other, more exclusive options, such as an acoustic performance inside a 5000 year old lava tunnel. Or you can experience some DJ-spun tunes in your first-ever rave within a glacier cave. Wait… what did we just say? That’s right, a glacier cave and lava tunnel! It all sounds ludicrously implausible and otherworldly for a music festival, but don’t forget: this is Iceland during summer solstice. 

And that is exactly what you are reminding yourself of, as your personal concierge helps you onto a waiting helicopter. Whirring ever faster, it whisks you over the most outlandish scenery imaginable towards the familiar conical outline of a volcano. Just like a Bond movie, this adventure leads you deep down into the core of this once magma-spewing behemoth, where you and a mere handful of others are witness to a concert like no other in the entire world. 

Exclusivity that Cannot be Matched

The mind-blowing exclusivity and access you encounter during this musical solstice experience, coupled with the raw untamed power that Iceland emits, ensures that you have a completely out-of-this-world musical and cultural experience that leaves even those hardened festival goers utterly speechless.